How can Sport New Brunswick membership benefit my organization?

1. Promote your organization

Promotion is one of the most important steps to success for any organization. The more people are aware of you and what you do, the more likely they are to use you for their needs.

  • The Sport Directory is a listing of all of the members of Sport New Brunswick. It will serve your organization by driving traffic to your website. By having an active membership you will be included in this listing, which is accessible to anyone visiting the website.

For more information contact Noreen Wetmore

2. Stay up to date

It is essential that organizations keep up with what is currently going on in their industry. It is important to take advantage of what is currently available.

  • Sport New Brunswick posts other relevant materials in the News section of their website on a consistent basis.
  • Industry specific events can also be found via the web under the Events section.

To add information to the newsletter or to receive the newsletter contact Cathlia Ward

3. Save on travel costs

Sponsors are beginning to consolidate their support with umbrella organizations like Sport New Brunswick rather than striking numerous separate deals. We have worked on your behalf to develop a partnership that we feel will outweigh any direct agreements members may have.

For more information contact Cathlia Ward

4. Save on insurance

Sport NB works with B.F. Lorenzetti & Associates Inc. to provide quality insurance availability and lower sport insurance costs.

For more information contact Cathlia Ward

5. Save on printing services

The Print Shop was established to help member associations better communicate with their membership by providing printing and mailing services, and administrative support.

For more information contact Noreen Wetmore

Through the last few years, our services have expanded and will continue to expand to meet the needs of our members.

For more information contact Noreen Wetmore


A member is a:

Non-profit provincial sport organization. Only one provincial sport organization per sport is recognized as a member and must be in good standing;

Non-profit multi-sport organization with a New Brunswick scope.

Each member is entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Federation.

Associate Member

An associate member is:

Any Non-profit provincial organization recognized as a credible organization that shares mutual interests with Sport NB may become, on the approval of the Board of Directors, an Associate Member of the Federation.

Only one organization per sport, recreation or physical activity area is recognized as an associate member. An Associate member does not have a right to vote.

Honourary Member

Upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors, the Annual General Meeting may appoint as honorary member an individual who has made a significant contribution to sport development in New Brunswick.

An Honourary member does not have a right to vote.


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