A member is a:

Non-profit provincial sport organization. Only one provincial sport organization per sport is recognized as a member and must be in good standing;

Non-profit multi-sport organization with a New Brunswick scope.

Each member is entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Federation.

Associate Member

An associate member is:

Any Non-profit provincial organization recognized as a credible organization that shares mutual interests with Sport NB may become, on the approval of the Board of Directors, an Associate Member of the Federation.

Only one organization per sport, recreation or physical activity area is recognized as an associate member. An Associate member does not have a right to vote.

Honourary Member

Upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors, the Annual General Meeting may appoint as honorary member an individual who has made a significant contribution to sport development in New Brunswick.

An Honourary member does not have a right to vote.


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