Programs & Services

Sport NB works to develop partnerships that will benefit all members as well as some event specific opportunities.

Sport NB has established some sponsorships for all members. Attached are outlines of how each program works and how you benefit. Our staff are working on developing a more comprehensive Travel Packages for your use but hopefully this will provide you with the details that you need to immediately support our partners.

Westmont Hospitality Group

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Traveling out of town for a meeting or for a tournament?  Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a proud Sport NB partner and has great rates to reduce the cost associate to business/team travel. With great rates and award winning customer service, we make renting a car the easiest part of your trip.  Pick Enterprise, We’ll Pick You Up. You can now make your reservation on line. Just click on the enterprise logo to make your reservation today! Click here for the current rates.

Blue Ridge Water

Blue Ridge Premium Water is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and their Warehouse in Noonan, New Brunswick, established in 1989. Blue Ridge Premium Water is locally owned and operated with a wide variety of product and services. Blue Ridge Premium Water is an Authorized Hague Quality Water Wholesale Dealer, as they are leading the way in the Water Treatment Industry.

Download the Blue Ridge Water offer.

Boston Pizza

Need some great food? Stressed about what to have for a meal at your next meeting? Let Boston Pizza and their special menu take care of everything. Boston Pizza is Sport NB's restaurant of choice and a proud sponsor of the Pitney Bowes Sport Awards. Call your local Boston Pizza today to place your order.

Boston Pizza offers great fundraising opportunities for your organization click here!

Communication Services was established to help member associations better communicate with their membership by providing printing and mailing services, and administrative support. Through the last few years, our services have expanded and will continue to expand to meet the needs of our members.

Some of our services include:

  • Printing (black & white, full-color)- newsletters, annual reports, minutes, directories.
  • Finishing - stapling, folding, binding.
  • Art Work and Graphics - scanning, business cards, letterhead, flyers.
  • Member Databases - mail lists and labels...
  • Mail Service - postage, courier...

For more details please contact Noreen Wetmore. ALL printing requests MUST be accompanied by a work order. All work orders will be processed and scheduled to allow for adequate turn around times. Jobs will not be scheduled until received with a complete work order.

The Konica Minolta Sport Awards held annually to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of our athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

It's a great opportunity for our member sport organizations to recognize their members and profile their sport.

Be sure to celebrate the success and accomplishments of the athletes, administrators, and all those who excel within your sport organization by nominating them TODAY!

Sport NB is a non-profit bilingual federation. We advocate sport for all, from the grassroots level to high performance, and provide programs and services for all our members.

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For more information contact Hillary Pineau at 451-1320 or Follow us on Twitter @SportNB or Facebook Sport New-Nouveau Brunswick


Prix sportifs Konica Minolta


Les prix sportifs Konica Minolta, remis annuellement, reconnaissent les réalisations et contributions de nos athlètes, entraîneurs et entraîneures, arbitres et bénévoles.

C’est une excellente occasion pour nos organisations sportives membres de reconnaître leurs membres et de faire parler de leur sport.

Célébrez le succès et les réalisations des athlètes, des gestionnaires et de tous ceux et celles qui excellent au sein de votre organisation en soumettant leur candidature dès MAINTENANT!

Sport NB est une fédération bilingue à but non lucratif. Nous faisons la promotion du sport, qu’il soit communautaire ou de haut calibre, et nous offrons des programmes et des services à tous nos membres.

Pour en savoir plus, communiquez avec HillaryPineau au 451-1320 u à




National Sport Trust Fund - New Brunswick Chapter

Why A Sport Fund?

Donate Now

The New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund was established as a centralized fundraising effort to provide support to provincial sport organizations.

The program will highlight the development of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteer administrators by being able to provide tax receipts for donations.

The goal of the New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund is to enhance the development of sport participation in New Brunswick to ensure that participants have the opportunity to improve their talents to reach their full potential.

Who Can Use the Fund?

The New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund is a fundraising program established for the continued and future development of amateur sport in New Brunswick.

It represents the culmination of sport-specific funds established by each participating provincial sport organization. Participation in the program is voluntary and available to members in good standing with Sport NB.

Why Participate?

The New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund provides an opportunity for individuals who have benefited from sport to contribute financially to sport programs for current and future generations.

Cash donations, monthly/annual contributions, planned financial gifts or gifts of valuable property are encouraged. Contributions result in recognition and significant tax savings for the donor.

Funds raised are used to ensure quality-sporting opportunities will continue to be available to everyone in New Brunswick.

Each participating organization will develop directed program(s) within their respective fund to channel dollars toward specific causes.

For example, a scholarship fund may be established to assist athletes to continue to meet both sport and academic goals, a Canada Games fund may be established to cover costs of team development, or a basic legacy fund may be used to cover ongoing operational costs. The applications are bound only by the creativity of the Provincial Sport Organization.

How can Sport NB provide this Fund?

The mission of the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations (CCPTSF) is to provide the means for Canada's Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations to network, enhance their effectiveness, and manage the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF).

As a member of the CPPTSF, Sport NB has been authorized to create the New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund as the New Brunswick Branch of the NSTF and to act as fund manager for all donations made to amateur sport in New Brunswick.

RBC Employee Volunteer Grant

RBC employees looking to apply for the Employee Volunteer Grant must complete the Project Application Form and send it to Sport NB.

Contact Hillary Pineau for more information.

Sport Insurance Summary

Sport NB is working with BFL Canada to provide quality insurance and to lower the costs of insurance for not for profit sport groups.

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy
  • Accident Insurance Policy

Filing a Claim

Provincial Sport Organization Member

  1. Have the injured member complete the Claim Notification Form as well as the Attending Physicians Form.
  2. The Provincial Sport Organization must sign the Claim Notification Form to certify that the injured athlete is a member of the provincial association.
  3. Forward the form to BFL Canada Inc. with a copy also sent to Sport NB. This is best done electronically.

Important Notes

  1. Claim Notification form must be submitted to BFL Canada within 30 days of the injury.
  2. All claims must be submitted with itemized statements and paid receipts (originals are required if there is no other coverage available) which indicate: patient's name, type of purchase or service, date of each purchase or service, amount charged for each purchase or service.
  3. An attending Physician's Statement, confirming diagnosis and recommended treatments is required if you are claiming other than dental or ambulance expense.
  4. Costs must be paid by you, you will be reimbursed for insured expenses.
  5. You will receive a letter directly from the insurance company if they require further documentation, it is your responsibility to provide this information.
  6. Expenses eligible under any other health care plan(s) must be submitted to that plan(s). Your sports accident policy will pay only the amount of expenses that are not eligible with any other insurer. This policy does not make payment for any service or treatment that is available within the provincial plan, whether there is enrolment in the provincial plan or not.
  7. If you have any problems contact your PSO.

Contact Hillary Pineau for more information.